The asset management industry is undergoing a major shift, driven by investors who are demanding transparency and regulators who are requiring it. AcordIQ aspires to Empower the Modern CIO by bringing integrity to asset management, shining a light on transparency and shifting power into the hands of investors.

As an independent services partner, AcordIQ delivers Systematic Fee Oversight and Verification for multi-asset CIOs. We have partnered with the premier PE accounting experts in the industry, PEAI. Find out more about the AcordIQ/PEAI Private Equity Analytics & Governance platform and services with PE Fee and Carried Interest Verification. 

AcordIQ for Institutional Investors 


With diverse external and internal investments, limited staff bandwidth, and an ever increasing volume of information, the challenge for institutional CxOs to meet their portfolio oversight responsibility has never been more complex.

AcordIQ redefines holistic portfolio management by integrating and systemizing the use of existing data, structured and unstructured, with systems and analytics across investment, risk, operational, and compliance silos.

We combine deep asset management domain expertise with advanced technology to provide institutional investors with best in class, rules-driven oversight of both their individual managers and overall portfolios. Building on your existing processes and analytics, AcordIQ ensures that you and your organization respond to the data that matters when it matters. 


AcordIQ for Asset Managers


As an asset management executive you are accountable to your clients to deliver the performance they demand while adhering to fund strategies, client guidelines and regulatory requirements. AcordIQ aggregates and synthesizes the information you need to do so and drive action immediately when issues occur.

AcordIQ combines deep asset management domain expertise with advanced technology to provide CxOs with the information they need to ensure their aggregate or individual portfolios are implemented against the firm’s risk, compliance and alpha generation strategies and that portfolio implementation is consistent with fund, client and regulatory guidelines. 


AcordIQ Consulting Services

The AcordIQ team includes some of the industry’s most experienced and talented business and technology professionals. We deliver strategy, operational optimization and technology enablement services that help our clients excel in today's complex business environment.

Our deep understanding of the challenges facing both institutional investors and asset management executives has driven the development of both technology and processes to deliver transparency across all asset classes at the heart of the investment process. 




The AcordIQ Software Suite redefines portfolio and manager oversight processes by consolidating disparate sources of data and analytics in a single, integrated environment. Not only is the data more accessible, but the business decision processes which rely on that data are themselves systemized in a rules- and dashboard-driven environment. Both quantitative and qualitative, structured and unstructured inputs combine seamlessly to support a transparent investment intelligence process.