Charles McLaughlin

Charles leads AcordIQ’s Business Consulting service offerings.  An experienced consultant, Charles has spent the last 10+ years helping companies and government organizations thrive through innovation.  He is a growth-oriented, innovative, determined leader with a personal mission to help clients achieve goals that matter.  His passion is helping companies address the opportunities and challenges in a world of radical change caused by digital technology.

Charles is a subject matter expert in data and system security and governance, process assessment and improvement, process and technical implementation, Lean Six Sigma, strategic planning, project and program management, and product development.
Charles has extensive consulting experience with leading firms, McKinsey & Co., Accenture, and innovation strategy firm, Innosight.  He has engineered successful strategies for clients in financial services, international retail, technology manufacturing, military and intelligence, healthcare, media, and aerospace.

Most recently, Charles was a senior executive at Bridgewater Associates—the world’s largest hedge fund—where he helped solve important problems in technology, recruiting, and firm resilience. 
Charles was an Army Ranger and Green Beret officer in the first part of his career, where he served for a decade as a commander, military diplomat, and planner.  He was on active duty with a Special Operations Command in 2003-4 as a strategic counterterrorism planner and liaison officer to the Uzbekistan Ministry of Defense.

Charles has an MBA from MIT Sloan, masters’ degrees from Harvard and the US Army War College, and a BS from West Point. He lived in Europe for over a decade, has work experience in Europe, Africa, and Central Asia, and is proficient in Russian and German.