Our solution delivers comprehensive data management, calculation, verification, analytics and reporting in a consolidated, automated and seamlessly integrated operating framework to provide systematic Control and Insight throughout the life cycle of investment cost.


Extensive Waterfall Modeling

Out-of-the-box, automated models covering the majority of structures, including complex investments, e.g. multi-tier/multi-vehicle. These models reduce the risk of manual error and misallocation of capital, providing greater control and insight than Excel-based tools that are typically limited in scope and cumbersome to implement and maintain.

Systematic Business Workflow

Ongoing control and insight into investment cost through our systematic and transparent delivery framework. Our clients gain instant availability of fee and carried interest data, making investment cost management possible and operationally efficient.

Independent Verification

Accurate, simplified, operationally efficient investment cost verification and reporting. As a trusted authority on carry with our automated workflow, we provide comprehensive analytics to identify the cause and delta of variance for both GPs and LPs.

Investment Decision Support

Deeper insight and projections for hypothetical (“what if”) scenarios of management fees and carried interest to better understand the underlying drivers of current and future investments and assist with due diligence and/or fundraising activities.

Intelligent Reporting

Standard reporting templates by role, as well as the flexibility to slice and dice the available data for macro- and micro-level analysis and customized reporting. These powerful reporting capabilities help clients increase their accountability to their own clients and key stakeholders.