AcordIQ’s Private Equity Expert software solution helps service providers such as fund administrators, custodians and software providers enhance their offerings with automated investment cost management in support of their LP and GP clients. Doing so helps increase client retention and create differentiated business value.

✓ Delivered as a Software as a Service solution

✓ LPA analysis and attribute and syntax extraction

✓ Powerful and streamlined data sourcing and management

✓ Secure, cloud-based data repository for immediate access and auditability

✓ Advanced data models for static and transaction data

✓ Out-of-the-box and extensive waterfall models

✓ Automated waterfall provisioning and modeling

✓ High-precision (and back-tested) calculation engine

✓ Investment cost projections and benchmarking

✓ Advanced rules- and analytics-engine for variance analysis and reconciliation with qualitative scoring

✓ Full multi-currency conversion calculator for reporting

✓ Robust reporting and visualization tools

✓ Open data architecture platform with pluggable adapters and APIs for easy integration

✓ Deep PE and carry subject-matter / forensic accounting experts as extension of your team

✓ Customized training/carried interest courseware

Key Benefits


✓ Ability to enhance your private equity solution portfolio delivered to your clients with investment cost management as a service

✓ Increased accountability to your clients to help them better meet their fiduciary responsibilities

✓ Increased net performance for funds

✓ Improved fund term modeling

✓ Enhanced operational efficiency/cost reductions

✓ Additional private equity operations talent without the full-time employee cost

✓ Enhanced risk-adjusted return through systematic oversight


What Our Solution Entails

AcordIQ's Private Equity Expert software is the complete investment cost management solution for service providers to offer to your investor and asset manager clients, comprised of cloud-based business software (“PE Expert”) and services, industry best practice, state-of-the-art data / technology platform and functionality, use of standards (e.g. ILPA Fee Template), deep private equity carry services and expertise, and a proven verification methodology.

The advanced data / technology platform can seamlessly collate pertinent data feeds with its pluggable connectors, extensible data models and open standard architecture, providing instant and comprehensive analysis of investment cost-related data, both structured and unstructured, with no limitations of scale e.g. tera- to peta-scale.

Not only is the data more accessible, but the business decision processes which rely on that data are themselves systemized in a rules-driven and dashboard-driven environment. Both quantitative and qualitative, structured and unstructured inputs combine seamlessly to support a transparent investment cost framework for tracking, recalculation, variance analysis and reconciliation, qualitative scoring, projecting, benchmarking and reporting of fees and carry for any number of funds.

On the services side, in support of your client delivery model, we assign senior business analysts with deep subject-matter expertise to perform the initial set up, including an LPA review and attribute extraction, cash flow data collection and profiling, and provisioning the business software-based waterfall models for verification against reported fees. Once the verification is complete, the analyst assists with variance analysis and reconciliation, if it is required, and any custom reporting needs.