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What You Get With AcordIQ

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We bring private equity investment cost into full view. We help institutional investors, asset managers, and their partners tackle the problem of opaque data and the lack of cost transparency with a systematized approach.


We redefine private equity investment cost management through the delivery of our innovative, managed cloud software solution.  Simply put, our solution is delivered at the standard of quality the industry needs and deserves - simplified and systematic for operational efficiency and scale, with greater transparencycontrol and insight, and assurance

The Advantages Our Solution Has to Offer

AcordIQ's Private Equity Expert Business Software

Making Opaque Data Transparent
We bring full transparency to the private equity investment cost life cycle. Read More...

Systematic Control and Insights
Our solution delivers comprehensive data management, calculation, verification, analytics and reporting in a consolidated, automated and seamless operating framework.  Read More...

Assurance and Accountability
Our solution provides the level of investment cost assurance demanded and deserved in the private equity fund partnership. Read More...


Why We're Needed

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The quality, symmetry and synthesis of information between investors, asset managers and their service providers is paramount to investment cost optimization and performance.


The future of private equity will favor those investors and asset managers who capitalize on cost transparency and governance as a mainstream business process to better align their interests with their clients amid macro uncertainty, fierce competition and increased scrutiny.

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