AcordIQ’s Private Equity Expert solution redefines investment cost management for asset managers through the delivery of a turnkey and integrated managed cloud service for greater operational efficiency, assurance and accountability for cost reporting, whether it's outsourced or calculated internally. With AcordIQ, GPs are no longer challenged with data integration and management, custom modeling and calculation, manual processes and tools, and investor-level reporting.

Key Features

✓ Delivered as a managed Software as a Service solution

✓ Powerful data management with pluggable adapters/APIs for easy integration to GL systems

✓ Secure, cloud data repository for immediate access and auditability of both static (LPAs) and transactional data

✓ Out-of-the-box, extensive waterfall modeling

✓ High-precision (and back-tested) calculation engine

✓ Advanced rules- and analytics-engine for verification of internal or outsourced calculated cost with powerful analytics for variance and reconciliation


✓ Investment cost projections ("What if scenarios") and benchmarking for internal decision support and external fundraising

✓ Full multi-currency conversion calculator for reporting

✓ Robust investment cost reporting and visualization tools for whole- and investor-by-investor level detail

✓ Deep PE and carry subject-matter/forensic accounting expertise for reconciliation

✓ Customized training/carried interest courseware

Key Benefits

✓ Higher assurance and control of reported fees and carried interest to investors (LPs)

✓ Enhanced risk-adjusted return through automation and systematic delivery of investment cost

✓ Improved investment modeling and decisions

✓ Increased operational efficiency/cost reductions

✓ Investor-by-investor level reporting

✓ Enhanced market differentiation for attracting future investors



What Our Solution Entails


The AcordIQ Private Equity ExpertTM solution delivers enhanced value and automation at each stage in the asset manager’s accounting and reporting lifecycle of investment cost to its clients, providing more powerful data management, modeling, calculation and reporting.

The solution employs a systematic workflow for automated business process and independent verification of investment cost, all of which is delivered as a managed service. Private Equity Expert also delivers enhanced data models, bringing together both static and transactional data for increased operational efficiency and calculation accuracy.   

The solution also has a service element, where AcordIQ business analysts are assigned to your firm and provide expertise and support throughout the lifecycle of the investment cost management. The service entitlements include independent LPA analysis and attribute extraction, initial system setup of the funds, detailed verification of investment cost and reconciliation of any identified variance.