We are dedicated and passionate about serving the unique needs of our clients and have designed a solution that provides the level of investment cost assurance demanded and deserved in the private equity fund partnership.


Institutional Investors

We help institutional investors understand their data and systematically verify the accuracy of the investment costs reported by their managers so they can optimize their expected returns with non-investment alpha and increase accountability to their key stakeholders. We also help investors go well beyond the scope of performing end of year, limited-sample fee audits, and to instead understand the broader scope of their private equity portfolio and related costs so there are no surprises when the full picture of their portfolio comes into view.

Asset Managers

We empower asset managers with a more powerful modeling, calculation and reporting solution for operational efficiency and higher assurance of reported investment costs to their clients. Our clients have the option to employ our solution as a shadow service to their internal or outsourced investment cost accounting function or utilize us as their primary source for investment cost calculation. Our solution is delivered as a managed service integrated within their private equity accounting/finance operating model.

Service Providers

For service providers such as fund administrators, custodians and software providers, we help deepen their offerings with more extensive investment cost calculation, verification and reporting capabilities and subject matter expertise to support their investor and asset manager clients. We provide an open standards based architecture for easy integration and federation of our platform, either standalone or immersive, into their solutions.