AcordIQ’s Private Equity Expert software solution brings the picture of private equity investment cost into full view for institutional investors, for both whole-fund and deal-by-deal investments. Our managed software solution provides the operational efficiency, seamless control and insight, and scale for institutional investor accounting and finance teams to gain systematic verification and higher assurance of their manager-reported charges and the ability to optimize their portfolio performance with non-investment alpha.

Key Features

✓ Delivered as a managed, Software as a Service (SaaS) solution

✓ LPA analysis and carried interest attribute/syntax extraction

✓ Powerful and streamlined data sourcing and management

✓ Secure, cloud data repository for immediate access and auditability

✓ Out-of-the-box, extensive waterfall modeling bringing together static and transaction data

✓ High-precision (and back-tested) calculation engine

✓ Investment cost projections and benchmarking

✓ Advanced rules- and analytics-engine for variance analysis and reconciliation with qualitative scoring

✓ Full multi-currency conversion calculator for reporting

✓ Robust investment cost reporting and visualization tools

✓ Open data architecture platform with pluggable adapters and APIs for easy integration

✓ Deep PE and carry subject-matter/forensic accounting expertise for reconciliation

✓ Customized training/carried interest courseware

Key Benefits


✓ Increased accountability to your key stakeholders to better meet your fiduciary responsibilities

✓ Increased net return (non-investment alpha) and operational efficiency/cost reductions

✓ Improved investment decisions and tactics

✓ Additional private equity operations talent without the full-time employee cost

✓Enhanced risk-adjusted return through systematic oversight


What Our Solution Entails

Single, Integrated operating environment for systematic Investment Cost Management

Single, Integrated operating environment for systematic Investment Cost Management

AcordIQ’s Private Equity Expert software is the complete investment cost management solution for your firm. All cost and performance-related information, including AcordIQ’s independent cost verification results pertinent to your private equity holdings and business risk/cost tolerance, is at your fingertips with powerful analysis, fee projections, benchmarking and reporting.

The solution redefines investment cost management by consolidating disparate sources of key static and transactional data into a secure cloud repository and delivers an automated and transparent business process workflow for operational efficiency and systematic execution of key and repeatable processes in a single, integrated operating environment.

The intelligent reporting wizard provides instant access to the investment cost details you need. You can customize how you see that data with the ability to slice and dice information as it relates to your business, enabling you to better understand your investment cost results and assisting you with future investment and cost-related decisions.

As part of our managed services offering, we assign AcordQ business analysts to your organization to provide expertise and support throughout the lifecycle of the investment cost management service, including LPA analysis and attribute extraction, initial system setup of the funds, and detailed reconciliation of any variance identified between GP-reported charges and AcordIQ’s independent verification results.