Steve Yatko

Steve Yatko is a Co-founder of AcordIQ and is the founder and CEO of Oktay Technology. Steve was also a co-founder of DynamicOps, a Credit Suisse spinout acquired by Vmware.

As CEO of Oktay Technology Steve lead his boutique consulting firm of IT Experts over the past five years into multi-year strategic technology advisory partnerships with some of the most innovative and successful firms on Wall Street, including Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Bloomberg, Deutche Bank, Morgan Stanley, and Bridgewater Associates. Oktay’s technology leadership and tight relationships help firms gain significant advancement into new age state of the art Big Data Analytic systems, and the most advanced technically architected Trading Systems in the world. Oktay’s hands-on Innovation Lab continues to serve as a critical asset to their clients, allowing a private incubation and discovery environment to research critical and differentiating technology with unprecedented speed to market.

Previously, Steve was a Managing Director and Global Head of the IT Research & Development at Credit Suisse including over fourteen years of driving innovative technology into solutions that differentiated Credit Suisse’s Trading and Analytics technology platform. In this role, Steve was responsible for setting the direction of the Firm’s next generation computing environment across all of its IT divisions, which brought to life many innovative emerging technology companies such as Red Hat, Suse, Mellanox, Voltaire, 3Par, and Arista. During his tenure at Credit Suisse, Steve also served as Head of Global Core Technologies and CTO of Mission Critical Systems, including the Firm’s World Class Global Equity Trading and Analytic system, Agora and OMan.

Throughout his career, Steve has worked closely with serial Entrepreneurs, top Venture Capital firms around the world, and some of the world’s largest technology providers including being a selected member of several CTO Advisory boards such as Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, EMC, HP, IBM Research, Veritas, and Cisco. His leadership was instrumental to building successful partnerships, creating advanced concepts and turning advanced technology into valuable solutions for Wall Street. This has enabled him to create unique innovative technology capabilities to address a wide range of business challen