We bring full transparency to the private equity investment cost life cycle...from inception-to-date, for whole-fund or deal-by-deal transactions, and with investor-level detail.



We deploy our proven methodology to source and analyze static and transactional private equity investment data from inception-to-date, and we identify over 60 LPA attributes to establish a comprehensive picture of the investment cost, and the intended fee and carry performance arrangements.

Advanced Data Management

Our advanced data models bring together static and transactional information to construct high-quality cash flow profiles that automatically provision the waterfall model syntax and economic values. The solution aggregates this information, along with other critical cost and performance related data, in a secure, cloud data repository for immediate access.

Open Data Platform

The information flow of cost- and performance-related data is seamless, automated and instant for systematic calculation, verification and reporting of investment cost-related data with no limitations of scale, e.g. tera- to peta-scale.

Clear Decision Processes

Not only is the data more accessible, but the investment cost-related decision processes that rely on that data are themselves systemized in a rules- and dashboard-driven environment. Both quantitative and qualitative data inputs combine seamlessly to support an automated investment cost management framework for any number of funds, regardless of investment structure and complexity.